In recent months, we have been working with Performance Max campaigns or maximum performance Google Ads and after this time, we can say that its implementation has allowed us to enhance the visibility of projects and achieve good conversion rates.

What are Google Performance Max campaigns?

Performance Max campaigns use Google's AI and advanced settings to find more customers who complete conversions, and thanks to their integration with the different platforms Google offers (YouTube, Google Maps, Display, search...) you get higher visibility, as well as optimized conversions and higher ROI.

What are the advantages of using Performance Max campaigns in your project?

In our experience, there are several reasons why implementing this type of campaign will benefit you and help you achieve your goals:

  • Its great ability to access all Google platforms through a single type of campaign, which simplifies the whole process and improves the effectiveness of your strategy.

  • Your campaigns will reach the right audience and, therefore, conversions will be higher.

  • They allow you to measure performance on an individual basis, so you get a more detailed and personalized perspective on how each establishment is performing.

How do they work in hospitality marketing?

Let's say a user is planning a vacation and performs a Google search to find accommodation in a coastal destination. Performance Max uses this information to display targeted ads for hotels in coastal destinations in Google search results and Google Maps. The user then clicks on the ad, visits the website of a hotel in one of those destinations and makes a reservation. Performance Max campaigns track the entire user journey from ad display to final conversion. Based on this data, you can customize ads to suit each user's specific preferences and behaviors.

It is important to highlight how these campaigns benefit hotel marketing, thanks to the possibility of linking a Hotel Center account with the list of properties, allowing to measure their performance individually and facilitating a more detailed view of the performance of each hotel.

Remember that in these campaigns you can use photos and videos with a minimum duration of 10 seconds, but it is important that you renew the photographic material periodically so that it does not become outdated. 


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