As experts in the development of global digital projects, and specialized in DATA and hospitality digital marketing, we are constantly up to date with the latest news and trends in the industry, so in this post we will be exploring the recent technological innovations that are revolutionizing the way hotels interact with their customers and manage their tasks.

IoT device integration

Thanks to artificial intelligence, hotels can now offer more personalized experiences than ever before. A clear example of this can be Alexa Smart Properties for Hospitality, a device that allows guests to enjoy multiple conveniences such as requesting the wifi password, turning lights on and off, regulating the thermostat or requesting housekeeping service, and all this without having to link a personal account. In addition to benefiting customers, it is also of great help to employees, as they can focus on tasks that require exclusively human skills such as personalized customer service and problem solving.


Advanced data and algorithms

By using advanced data and algorithms, hotels can offer unique stays tailored to the individual preferences of each guest. Based on the history of previous preferences and behaviors, artificial intelligence suggests to each user a list of recommendations (activities, room type, restaurants...), which it knows they might be interested in, taking into account their preferences and previous positive reviews. During the stay, the AI works in the background to personalize every aspect of the experience, from adjusting the room temperature to remembering local events. At check-out, the AI invites feedback to improve the experience for future guests.


Artificial intelligence on websites

It is essential to take into account the integration of artificial intelligence in hotel websites, which allows the generation of images, titles and texts adjusted to the individual preferences of each user. This not only improves the attractiveness of the website but also increases the likelihood of conversion. Remember that at Emexs we can help you with this, turning your hotel website into a unique experience for your visitors.


Immersive guest experiences (VR and AR)

Virtual reality and augmented reality offer guests the opportunity to explore and experience a hotel before they arrive. These technologies help to make good decisions and also to visualize what the experience would be like. Imagine a guest before booking their stay, using virtual reality glasses to tour the facility, see the views from the room or the activities taking place.

Virtual assistants and chatbots 24 hours a day

Virtual assistants and chatbots are playing an increasingly important role, providing quick and accurate answers, and if customers have common questions such as check-in and check-out times, they no longer have to call the front desk or wait for an email response, because they can get immediate answers through the hotel's website or app.


Automated check-in and check-out

Finally, automated check-in and check-out systems offer a more efficient experience. Some hotels have mobile apps that allow guests to check in and check out from their smartphones and once at the hotel, they can use the app to receive a digital key on their mobile device and directly access their room without having to go through the front desk. There are also options such as self-service kiosks, located at the hotel's front desk. Guests simply follow the instructions on the terminal to provide their information, select their room and make payment. Once the process is complete, the kiosk issues a digital key or access code.


Undoubtedly, these technological innovations are improving guest experiences and transforming the hospitality industry. Do you need to give visibility to your establishment? Contact us and tell us what you need!

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