E-commerce is a growing trend. However, the number of users who complete their purchase on a website is decreasing. Are you familiar with this situation? Keep reading, we are going to tell you something that interests you!

Online shopping has become a daily habit. However, most consumers leave their shopping cart abandoned, without finalizing the order.


Why does a user abandon a cart?


According to a report published by Sale Cycle, the cart abandonment rate on websites in Spain is 84.98%. In other words, out of 100 carts, only 15 end in a purchase. In addition, the data indicate that 71.72% of carts are abandoned on mobile devices, and the sector that accumulates more abandonments is the luxury sector, in which these reach 90.18%.


On the other hand, according to a survey conducted by Barclay, cart abandonment costs 18 billion euros in lost sales each year, a figure that will increase in the coming years due to the rise of e-commerce.


However, from a more analytical point of view, there are several reasons that lead the user not to complete the purchase process, which can be summarized as follows:

- Slow website loading

- Website downtime

- High shipping costs and delivery time

- Few payment method options

- Slow process when creating an account or filling out the purchase form

- Lack of transparency in shipping and returns policy


Abandoned carts are therefore one of the main concerns for online stores, as they represent a significant volume of unfinished sales and, as a consequence, negatively affect the return on investment.


Online marketing to recover abandoned carts


We have already mentioned the importance of data in e-commerce models: Big data and predictive marketing to evaluate user behavior and analyze what they need or what they are interested in. In short, to know their behavior in advance.


A good online marketing strategy is essential to recover these abandoned carts, since its effectiveness will depend on the success in the return of our investment. As experts in digital marketing, at Emexs we analyze data, review the sales results of your e-commerce and propose continuous improvements (CRO) to optimize the purchase process and increase the forecast through different actions:


  • Online store optimization

It is useless to have a good strategy if our website is poorly built. A site that does not take long to load, clear and direct information, an SEO friendly architecture and 100% responsive are the foundations that support everything else.


  • Remarketing for e-commerce

A very effective and popular technique consists in the use of cookies so that our ads appear on other pages, making the user "remember" the product he saw in our online store and looking for him to come back and finish the purchase he abandoned.


  • Email marketing

How many of us wake up and the first thing we do is check our email? In any online business, having a list of subscribers is crucial to generate leads or potential buyers, and targeted and personalized emails are, therefore, another interesting way to "reconnect" with the user who has abandoned our page. A hook subject, visual content, a direct message together with an attractive CTA and reminder messages of products accumulated in the basket, are some of the keys to achieve this.


Finally, remember that at Emexs we are experts in CRO, data analysis and forecasting, so we can help you reduce the number of abandoned carts on your site and increase conversions.

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