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In the heart of Barcelona's Born district, Yurbban Trafalgar Hotel opened its doors, and did it with us hand in hand, placing their trust from the first second.

Acquisition cost: < 1,6% (vs 17% Booking)
Direct sale: 30% (average 3 hotels)

Our mission: a comprehensive plan, assuming both web development and digital marketing strategies. We have grown together, we also saw the opening of the Yurbban Passage Hotel, and hand in hand we launched the website and a new marketing plan with very good results.

In 2021, Yurbban Ramblas Hotel opened, an important challenge that we have managed to grow with effort and data analysis, constantly focusing on those markets that are interesting for the project, growing in direct sales year after year.

The constant analysis of the project's main data and KPI's, together with a direct and fluid communication with the hotels' revenue professionals, allowed us to design the optimal strategies to make them a success in the Catalan capital. With +50% motor entries in the 3 hotels, a whole exercise of accompaniment towards the conversion funnel.

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