wecamp is the perfect refuge for all those who are looking for tranquility in the middle of nature, either sea or mountain. Located in different destinations in Spain, these eco campsites have been a great challenge for Emexs.

Acquisition cost: <1% vs. 17% of Booking
Direct sale: >50% 
Award: Awwwards Honor

We were commissioned with web, app and digital marketing. We worked to create an attractive website from scratch that allows a very intuitive navigation and we also developed a native app for campers and the corporate marketing plan and by campsite, to give global visibility to the project and, above all, attract new customers and sales through the web. The project has been a success, we have achieved a spectacular direct sales of +50% in many of the campsites in the first year of work.

We used natural colors and visual elements that managed to convey the idea of eco-sustainability, making the website much more attractive and taking into account usability so that users could easily find information about the accommodation and available activities. This improved visibility in search results and increased organic traffic.

What we were most proud of in this project was, without a doubt, that wecamp's website received an honorary mention from Awwwards and thanks to all the effort, the client boosted its online presence, thus having greater visibility.

This project is a clear example of how, by combining web development, digital marketing and commitment to sustainability, excellent results can be achieved.

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