Vall d'Hebron


For more than 5 years, we have been working with Vall d'Hebron Hospital in different projects in the digital field. One of the most outstanding has been the development of the Intranet and the App of the Intranet itself. A challenge that this 2023 has been completely renewed.

Drupal 9 & React Native
User-Centric Design

The development of an Intranet in a project of this size presents several challenges of high difficulty. One of the most complex is the need to integrate and synchronize all kinds of external services. The technologies requested from Vall d'Hebron were Drupal 9, for content management, and Html5 and Bootstrap 4 for the front-end. The App was developed with React Native.

Therefore, we were able to generate a coherent and sustainable data hub, which allowed for more effective data management, ensuring the integration of information from the entire hospital.

At EMEXS, we are specialists in making the most of the most innovative technologies to carry out complex and interesting projects such as this one.

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