Grupo Pulitzer


At EMEXS we have had the privilege of collaborating with Pulitzer Hotels, a hotel group with which we had very clear objectives. This project includes three of their most emblematic hotels: Pulitzer Barcelona, Regina Hotel and Pulitzer Paris.

Acquisition cost: < 1% In all 3 hotels (vs 17% Booking)
+18% direct sales revenue from 2019 at Pulitzer Barcelona
Direct sale: 35% (average of the 3 hotels)

This journey started 4 years ago, when the first thing we did was to increase their online visibility by implementing different digital marketing strategies. Pulitzer reached a much wider audience and that generated a significant increase in direct web bookings.

Later, we continued with the renovation of the websites of the 3 aforementioned hotels, creating attractive, user-friendly pages and improving brand perception.

This success story is a testament to the fact that strategic collaboration and digital innovation can achieve many breakthroughs in the hospitality industry. We are very excited to continue working together with Pulitzer, to continue learning and improving every day with great projects like this one.

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