BioSystems is a biotechnology company that designs, develops, produces and markets analytical solutions in different areas of biotechnology such as: clinical analysis, veterinary analysis, food and beverage analysis, agricultural analysis and bioprocess analysis.

This is a web project that includes a custom CMS development for content self-management. The design and conceptualization of the web site was carried out in collaboration with the Morillas agency.

From EMEXS, we implemented a structure to operate in several countries and in multiple languages, incorporating specific sites for Italy and France. We achieved advanced user management with write permissions by destination category, as well as permissions management on files for the search engine and media hub. In addition, a second phase of evolution is planned for early 2024, which will involve new programming challenges for the website.

Projects like this one are a great challenge for EMEXS, but we are going for it to continue growing and adding years of experience.

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